Quick & Healthy Pregnancy Snacks and Meals

By Kyla Schmidt

Published June 22, 2022

Ahh, the glorious 2nd Trimester! You might feel like you can finally eat the food you enjoy again, but might be worried about going overboard on those extra 340 calories you need in your 2nd Trimester. We’ve got some great healthy and quick snacks that will add some pizzaz to those 5 small meals a day that are recommended. Fruits and veggies are always a great go-to. Keep reading for some healthy and delicious ways to spice them up, along with some delicious meal ideas!

Tomato and Light Mayo

Add some salt & pepper to taste and this quick snack will fill you without weighing you down!

Apple and Banana Slices on Toast

Peanut butter toast with banana and apple slices is a classic go-to and a great source of protein

Chicken And Rice

This delicious meal will fill you up for dinner and provide nutrients for you and your growing baby

Cucumber Slices and Tuna

Juicy, filling, and only 75 calories per serving

Fruit Smoothie

Mix your favorite fresh or frozen fruit for the perfect breakfast, lunch or snack

Veggie Bowl with Protein

Throw some lean protein into a bowl of veggies and voila!